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Nonton Clarkson: Shoot-Out (2003) The 30 Cars Of 2003 Put to the Test to Find the Best. Direct by Richard Heeley. Actors Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson: Shoot-Out (2003). The 30 Cars Of 2003 Put to the Test to Find the Best.. On The Box Productions. United Kingdom. Edited Subtitle by 250.249

Clarkson: Shoot-Out (2003) iMDb:7.4/10/181

(User Rating 7.4/10 Based on 181)

Genre: Documentary, Sport

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Sinopsis: 2003 Has Been The Best Year For New Cars Ever. But I'm Not Interested In Reliability, Fuel Consumption Or Even Cup Holders. This Is All About Finding The Car Of The Year That Put The Biggest Smile On My Face.....It's All About Excitement... So I Put The Bentley Continental GT Head To Head Against The Rolls Royce Phantom In A Heavy Metal Drag Race. I Pitch The Mitsubishi Evo VIII Against Its Old Enemy The Subaru Imprezza Sti. I Choose The Best Road Car You Can Use On A Track And The Contenders Are The Lotus Elise, The Vauxhall VX220 Turbo And The New TVR350C. There's A Supercar Showdown Between The Pagani Zonda And The Koenigsegg. And I Throw Down The Gauntlet To The Lamborghini Gallardo, The Aston Martin DB7 GT, The Porsche GT3 And Many, Many More. I Also Found Time To Put A New Spin On The Art Of Caravan Towing - Flipping One On To Its Roof And Hooking It Up To A Super Fast Overfinch Range Rover. In Fact, I Had So Much Fun...I'm Still Smiling Now. I'm Sure You Will Too.

Durasi: 71 min

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Actor & Crew Clarkson: Shoot-Out (2003) iMDb:7.4/10/181

Poster Clarkson: Shoot-Out (2003) iMDb:7.4/10/181

Video Clarkson: Shoot-Out (2003) iMDb:7.4/10/181

Nonton Movie Clarkson: Shoot-Out (2003) fhd Subtitle Indonesia Gratis hanya di INDOXXIfun. Film Clarkson: Shoot-Out di sutradarai oleh Richard Heeley yang mahir menciptakan cerita fiksi di film Clarkson: Shoot-Out ini. Film Clarkson: Shoot-Out ini di angkat dari sebuah cerita Documentary, Sport yang di bintangi oleh Jeremy Clarkson yang berperan sebagai Himself, .

Box Office Clarkson: Shoot-Out akan di rilis pada tanggal 2003-11-10 di negara United Kingdom.Hingga pada di rilisnya film Clarkson: Shoot-Out kini mendapatkan rating 7.4(iMDb).. Selamat menonton film berdurasi 71 di INDOXXIfun.